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Our blue ball is angry! they have kidnapped his girlfriend on her own face! " hahaha " laughs the evil King green ball. Climbing the building exceeding the 50 rooms to get save our girl from the evil green ball king.
Each level will be hard, very hard! at times nearly impossible.
Along the way are waiting for you hundreds of wicked enemies and thousands of spikes that try to prevent that you get your target.
Enemies like the red ball red, evil ball. that you walk the path with infinite speed, 4 red ball in a room and will be difficult to overcome.
Black bouncy balls are an enemy to take into account, if the complex will result mix it with some spikes on the floor.
Balls roses flying will make your game impossible whenever they appear.
Overcome the 50 levels of this game can it becomes impossible, is a game that will test your patience.
Solve each room of death and get your final goal successfully.
Defeat the final boss in one one fight epic, defeat the evil King ball green and save the pink ball in his prison.
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